We love what we make for our society

Rita's commitment to sustainability is the common thread that runs through all of our actions. Our sustainability strategy is centred on a three-pronged approach where our focus that extends far beyond profit and encapsulates the people who we interact with and the planet that we live on.

Our Sustainabilty

Growth, development, noble causes and being futuristic; we cover all. RITA works on corporate social responsibility and encourages everyone to participate.

  • CSR

    As professionals and followers of corporate social responsibility we feel it’s our duty to participate and add value to noble initiatives. As a group, we do our best to initiate and take further the ones we receive.

  • Awards/ Certificates

    RITA is proudly associated with Charitable Society of Autism Family and is doing its best to bring color, happiness and peace in life of all those who are affected. This is a continuous effort or giving back to the society.

  • Sustainable Future

    RITA works on a sustainable future, whether it’s introducing new technology, working in making the environment clean or introducing products for masses; RITA plans for the long run and stability

  • Quality Control

    Quality is a barometer for performance at RITA. We believe it’s not only your product but your service, planning, structure and image all should be at par excellence